Upper Hot Springs

The first day in Canada I was awake so early at about 3am because my stomach knew in the UK it was lunch time! We drove up the road from Banff to Canmore to take our money out from ScotiaBank which is a bank in the global alliance so it worked out cheaper than exchanging it back home and bringing it over.

Canmore had had some ice sculpture festival and there were lots left over that had lasted really well. The bear was my favourite.

So we had a look around those after getting cash out.

Then we drove Fester (the rental car) back to Banff to visit the Upper Hot Springs that have been open since 1886 when Banff started as a popular spa resort.

The hot springs were outside, I didn’t dare take my phone closer than this but they were so nice and warm and surprisingly cheap to get in.

Then we browsed some shops, this candy store sold some English things like Marmite and cadburys chocolate. One Freddo was about $2 but all said 25p on the labels.

For lunch we went to a camping themed restaurant called Park.

I do not know what was in the dipping sauce but I think it could had replaced my love of ketchup.

And that was our first day, we went back to the hotel for a quick nap but slept right through til the next morning when jet lag came calling!


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