Off To Canada Eh!

So it all started at 3am, my alarm went off, the kitties knew something was up but I thought it was time for work until I remembered we were off to Canada!

So we drove to Norwich in my little car Goldie, dropped off Kimberly and all the many suitcases at the bus station then parked up near my friend’s house. It was my friend’s birthday the other week so like a ninja in the dark at 4am I crept up the noisy stairs and silently put a card through her letter box then off I snuck like burglar bill and walked to the bus station. Ugh so early.

I could not face the drive to Heathrow but the national express coach was very cheap, very comfy and I could have a nap and charge my devices at the same time, lush.

Heathrow wasn’t so bad and we checked our bags in and had a bite to eat at Giraffe.

And before long it was off to Calgary, the flight was fully booked by the looks of it and it was 9 hours long, it felt a lot longer. I don’t know how people fly to Australia and still come back home, I think I’d just give up and live there rather than face the flight back.

The flight was with BA and I had so much wine. I really think they must have a lot of stock to get rid of, we ended up taking some back with us in our bags or else we’d be off our faces (which may have made for a better flight?).

I’m strangely obsessed with plane food and BA was such a nice meal, the little salted caramel chocolate pudding was especially delicious.

And then a little before we landed we had afternoon tea which I thought was very cute.

Then Kim and I sorted out our rental car and had the usual spiel of how we should get a bigger car than the one we ordered and they recommend even more insurance and they recommend snow tyres, all at rates per day, the snow tyres alone would have cost us an extra $200 CAD! So after I “no”ed them all away we were looking for our Mazda 2 when in fact we were given this beast that we have renamed Fester the Fiat. I really like Fester but Kim really doesn’t like parking him. As it turns out there’s hardly any snow on the roads at the moment so we’ve been fine.

We finally checked in after being awake for 26 hours (ugh) and they got our rooms wrong and gave us 2 beds instead of one… Easy mistake right? We literally get this everywhere we go, even after booking the rooms for one bed we get one with two. I have taken to forcefully telling hotels if we go away that yes we ordered one bed and yes we really meant to do that. I’m starting to wonder whether to just start wearing a t shirt that says big dyke on it at all check in scenarios… Anyway I digress…

We spent one night in the two bed room where we jumped from bed to bed and recreated gladiator fights with the two orange cushions (on my first whistle!). It’s probably safer for the furniture that we have now got the correct room though! More later… Also sorry if the formatting on this post is bad, I’m on my phone.


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