Exploring Lowestoft

BRRR!!! It has been so chilly that we actually put the heating on. I am a heating Scrooge usually but even I have suggested putting it on lately. All through my childhood I used to bitch when my parents wouldn’t put the heating on and now I finally get their pound signed reluctance. This week I even had to de-ice Goldie (the car).

We haven’t been up to much, I finally got my infected toenail cut back at the doctors… You guys it was so gross. It is still in fact quite gross but it’s healing, super painful after a 12 and a half hour shift at the hospital I can tell you. And we finally got round to buying some covered hanging rails from Argos to disperse the boxes of clothes everywhere. The cats love them and think they’re little dens ready for them to jump noisily in and out of at 3am. We also put up some of our photos and a couple mirrors that we’d been meaning to do so our house is looking more like a home.

What else what else… Oh we walked from Yarmouth along the coastline to Caistor and back last week which was really nice and the sun actually shone, for once. We haven’t gone out for walks as much as we usually like to because of the weather but when we have we’ve enjoyed them.

I have still not replaced my much missed laptop that died, there’s plenty of cheap ones about but none of the cheap ones are capable of playing the sims 4! I need the sims 4 in my life, I have owned every Sims game since the first Sims and I’m not about to let adulthood stop that. We leave for our big trip to Canada in a little over a week and I’ll be posting what we get up to on our adventures. This week we went for a look round Lowestoft which surprisingly has a really lovely beach I hadn’t seen before.

I think it must be a popular walk in Lowestoft because we saw about a million dogs out enjoying it with their owners, I just love the different beach huts lining the shore. I’ve never had a beach hut so I had trouble explaining to Kim what exactly English people use them for other than storing deck chairs in, however, when she started pointing out the bargain winter storage prices I thought I might have failed to get their purpose across. We teach each other a lot of weird things, today Kim taught me about some American thing called “awkward turtle” (google it) and in return I taught Kim where Ireland was on a map. Again. This might not be so bad if Kim wasn’t convinced that she and her family were in fact Irish.

I’d definitely like to go back to Lowestoft in the summer though, the beach front looked like it was having a lot of work done to it, I seem to remember someone telling me it had been done a few years back but it had a sign saying the sea defences were being rebuilt and was costing two and a half million pounds… ouch.

We stopped at a little place along the front for lunch.

And then we walked through the shops on the way back to the car and discovered a small shop that sold American sweets so we had a mooch round and Kim was thrilled to discover they sold canned pumpkin and jiffy corn muffin mix. Now I can tell you that pumpkin pie is delicious but I have been promised cornbread muffins… they just don’t sound that nice… corny bready muffins… I have been assured they will be very tasty so we shall see.

Anyways, I haven’t got much else to report but I will keep you posted on Canada!


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