Christmas Day 2015

Joy to the world, it’s Christmas time, let’s open up the wine!

Well what a nice day we have had today, we started off with pan au chocolat (it’s on a salad plate so it’s ok).

Then we opened up some gifts, Barclay went crazy over cat nip drugs, this isn’t even the toy it’s the pack the toy came in! The real toy had to be confiscated. Bunny, Kim’s cat, was batting round her toy balls.

Netflix has a fireplace show with Christmas songs I thought was funny so we had a miniature fireplace whilst we opened gifts.

After we opened some of our gifts we had some bucks fizz and constructed a gingerbread house and called a couple people. Now just look at the photo on the box of how it should look.

Here’s my attempt on my half of the house…

And this was Kimberly’s attempt… looks like a drunk child iced it doesn’t it?

My half…

Oh dear… it was even worse when she was laughing.


And then we skyped with Kim’s family in America and opened the rest of our gifts. I got a lot of really nice gifts. The strangest of which was an umbrella hat from my friend Crissy. Crissy and I buy each other gag gifts, I bought her an inflatable crocodile for her pool (she moved to Australia) so she could be Steve Irwin and wrestle, she assumed she had bought this online whilst drunk and had no idea it was from me so for the last few days had been merrily playing on it in the pool.

Kim got some nice gifts too, including millions of socks from everyone including me, I don’t think she will need to buy socks again for some years. Santa bought Kim underwear… Kim was creeped out by the idea of a bearded old man that knew her size browsing the aisles for her delicates but Kim’s Mom assured her that Santa just knows what everyone needs.

And then it was time for a chicken dinner from Marks & Spencers for both us and the kitties.

 Also we watched the Queen’s speech which I had never seen before, I was disappointed with how religious it was. Like… we get it, you go to church Queen, stop going on about it. Oh god I’m still so full. No more food for now in case I pop.


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