My First Thanksgiving

I had my first Thanksgiving on Thursday, Kim’s American and it would be her first Thanksgiving out of country so we made a day of it and stocked up on tasty bits and bobs.

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade which I found so bizarre, their product placement was just shameless! Also afterwards for some odd reason they had a dog show… but I quite liked that.

Then we got the house ready and cooked up a storm for our guests about to come over, we also broke out the turkey hat which as you can see is reluctantly modelled by Barclay my cat.

   And then our friends popped over, it was a Thanksgiving potluck. For those of you not familiar with a potluck it’s basically where every guest brings a different dish. Sarah made us personalised sausage rolls, Nancy made pies, Joy made cheese biscuits etc.

I made a turkey fruit platter

And Kim made pumpkin pie which turned out very nicely, her friend (also called Kim) very kindly sent over a pumpkin care package including canned pumpkin.

Anyway I had a jolly nice first Thanksgiving


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