My Birthday

It was my 27th birthday yesterday, I can’t believe it was but it really was. I don’t feel as though I’m almost 30, yet here I am. As with most birthdays (as I was assured by my mother) when you get older, it was rather bad. It started off well with a nice omelette in bed and tea in a tiny mug.

And progressed to some nice gifts that I opened.

But then it sort of went down hill from there. I popped out to the shops to buy a nice dinner and wine for later only to come back from the shops and the post be delivered containing a birthday card that had a voucher in it for the exact same shop I had just been to and bought my goodies, typical! Then the plan after that was to pop into town and have a spot of afternoon tea, we looked at two places online on the same street and reasoned we’d have a look in both and pick the better one. One was closed when we got there, the other said they required 24 hours notice before making afternoon tea. They served cream tea, sandwiches and cakes… why they needed 24 hours notice to put all those things on a tiered cake plate is beyond me. So then we walked a few streets over to find that the third option for afternoon tea only served salmon sandwiches.

I don’t understand the world’s love of salmon. Especially smoked salmon in a sandwich, yeuch. The only advantage to eating a cold slab of fleshy pink raw fish in a sandwich, so far as I can see it, is that afterwards less of it exists in the world. And even that is not a good enough reason. So after this disappointment we went to Sainsburys and decided to buy all the components of afternoon tea for a carpet picnic. But when we got there they had no clotted cream as they had replaced it with 3 different kinds of brandy butter for Christmas… it’s November! So that was all extremely disappointing and in the end for my birthday we did absolutely nothing and it was fairly crap.

In other news though I got a Jurassic Park birthday cake… no really it’s Jurassic Park.

And enjoyed a nice M&S dinner which I bought.

And after the couple of bottles of Cava I bought were gone, Kim and I became the UK champions of Connecticut in the quiz app I downloaded. So there was that.  I can hardly wait for my next birthday.


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