Belated Halloween

I never posted about Halloween! So this is a belated post, Kim and I started off the Halloween festivities with a PSL (pumpkin spiced latte, duh!). And we carved some pumpkins too, I created a lovely slightly wonky owl.

And Kim butchered Harry Potter/a Minion.

 But we put the pumpkins out on Halloween and bought in sweets and only got one trick or treater, a little boy dressed as a skeleton who was extremely enthusiastic. I don’t know whether the parents of Great Yarmouth couldn’t be bothered to take their kids out but I do know that my packed lunches were very sugary for days after at work.

   The day before Halloween we went on a strange Norwich Ghostwalk with some of our friends after I found a Groupon offer online. It was a bit odd, I was thinking it’d be a bit more about historic parts of Norwich City but it was a bit more comical than that with ghost stories and re-enactments. It was a laugh though. And now that Halloween has been and gone and there are no more PSLs at Starbucks it’s onto the Christmas drinks.


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