Winterton On Sea

We went to the cinema the other day to say the film adaption of Bill Bryson’s book A Walk In The Woods (I’m a die hard Bill Bryson fan) but we went for a nice walk ourselves lately when we took a trip down the road to Winterton on Sea.

We parked up and walked towards the beach but instead of going onto the beach we took a left across dunes all covered in heather which was really pretty, we saw about a million dragonflies.

Then we took a little detour before turning away from the beach because sometimes there are apparently seals on this part of the beach but I think we were too early because we didn’t see any.

Then we walked across some farm land and through some forested areas and Kim saw pheasants for the first time. We walked past the ruin of St Marys Church which was still in pretty good condition. It must have been abandoned ages ago because there’s a fairly sturdy looking tree growing through what must have been it’s centre.

Just before the end of our walk we took a little side track down past some allotments and came to a beautiful little enclosed duck pond and picnic area that was maintained by the allotment owners and we fed the ducks.

Also I discovered ducks don’t like popcorn… in case you wondered. They did like granary bread though.


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