Gardening Time

When we moved in, our garden was in need of a tidy up.

And our cats love the weeds.

We had a good clearing of them today and found a lot of wild life including a few caterpillars.

Turns out we had even more weeds than I thought! And Kim discovered what stinging nettles are (“OH MY GOD!! OUCH!).

But our gardening assistant kept us going.

 And now it all looks strangely bare.

Ready to be filled up… we should really get some plant pots.

And after a hard morning of weeding and sweeping we earned our elevenses.

We’ve been up to quite a lot lately, we went to a circus festival which was OK, also a food festival which was pretty small. Goldie the car survived a trip to Barking and back to visit my Great Aunt and Uncle and Cousin and whilst we were there we went for a trip to IKEA. Kim had never been to IKEA so I had to show her the ropes. I think she liked it but she didn’t get as excited as her first trip to Argos (“Oh look!! That’s us! That’s our number on the screen!!!”).

But she did very impressively put this coffee table together all by herself.

Everything else is settling nicely, albeit very frugally, I’m still enjoying my new job (but still waiting for my nursing registration pin to come through!) and our house is starting to feel like a home.


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