Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival

I haven’t updated my blog in very timely fashion lately so let us rewind a couple of weeks to the Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival. Yarmouth has a lot of ships about and is next to the sea, there’s a lot of things named after Admiral Lord Nelson or with a nautical theme; there’s also a lot of toursists so I suppose it makes sense to have a nice event. It was free to get in but for a pound you got a sticker (which we obviously got, duh). We saw the Mayor out strolling (I think? Either that or they’re just loving the fancy dress..?).


There were lots of different tents along the Quay with craft stuff and food and drink.

There were also several groups in different tents singing sea shanties which I think Kim thought was pretty funny.

A huge restored ship came too from Sweden called the Götheborg and you could pay to go on it which we did.

They had a blacksmith making nails outside in the old fashioned way and all the nails in the ship were made like this because they’d tried to restore it using old fashioned techniques.

I think the front of it could have looked a bit more piratey though, I think the lion kind of looks like a dog begging for treats… but that’s just me.

We got lucky with the weather, it looked like it was about to rain all day.

So that was all jolly nice. That week we also did a nice beach walk from Gorleston.

It was pretty windy but really nice because we wrapped up.

I took some Earl Grey too and rations (fyi – the rock they’re on looks just like my old kitchen counter).

And we walked to Hopton on Sea and back and got to be nosey and look at everyone’s luxury holiday caravans.

Living it up Great Yarmouth Style!


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