I’ve been a bit slovenly in updating my blog lately because I’ve been busy with my new job (which is going very nicely so far). The other weekend Kim’s parent’s very kindly paid for us to visit Sandringham for Kimberly’s birthday.

The gardens were so pretty and we had a very nice walk around the grounds.

The house itself was limited to the rooms you could look round but I’ll tell you one thing… the queen has a lot of knick knacks. There was tat everywhere, it might be gifts from foreign leaders etc but there was still clutter on every surface.

Then we had afternoon tea with earl grey (lussshh) and lemon.

And little crustless sandwiches (one doesn’t care for crusts!)

And a little assortment of cakes. It was all very tasty but I would have liked a regular sized scone 😦 I love clotted cream.

Luckily we missed most of the rain and goldie (the car) made it back safely. She’s got to go in for expensive work tomorrow 😦 wah


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