Kim’s Birthday Cake Construction

This week was Kim’s birthday, it’s a tradition in my family to fill the house with balloons (or bedroom, whatever) and so I was up the night before at 3.30am blowing up 50 balloons with two cats watching me looking very confused.

But it is also my new tradition to demand stupid birthday cakes and it’s only fair that I should make one in return right? This years theme was The Little Mermaid. I gathered supplies from Tescos.

I decided to recreate the scene with the shark, you know, this one.

First I made a pirate ship out of two cherry Madeira cakes and waffles stuck on with icing.

Then I created Ariel (be impressed by my super artistic skills).

    Then came fondant Flounder

And a shark to boot.

Then I had to make some sea water to add some structural stability so I turned my Betty Crocker icing blue.


Perfect, add the masts.

Decorations time…

And then candles! All done, 1 silly birthday cake.

I’ve requested Jurassic Park this year, I can’t wait.


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