A Little Trip To Cambridge 

It’s Kimberly’s birthday soon and I’m working that day so I decided that whilst we had some time off together I would take her on a little trip to look round Cambridge. Only I didn’t tell her about it because she wanted a surprise so I surreptitiously siphoned off her clothes into a suitcase the week before.

But Cambridge was really pleasant, we just went for the two days and one night. We started off with lunch at a cafe called Fitzbillies which is famous for its Chelsea buns (read here – Things you may not know about a Fitzbillies Chelsea Bun). Although I think they should be famous for their little chip potato thingies, oh they were delicious.

The buns were good too, buns always remind me of elephants for some reason. Just look at the sticky goodness.

Then we went punting which I booked online, I was glad I did cuz there were a lot of people shouting out to try their punting company – not just by the river but all over town!

We sat right at the back which was nice because we got a good view. Kim made some American buddies from South Carolina whilst I served as the tour guide/personal photographer to some random lady from Singapore who had questions for me.

You can see our pals here. Our chauffeur (that’s what they called the punt driver) was very funny and we only managed to hit a couple of other punts, including one that had gotten stuck horizontally across the river (note to self – never self hire a punt, they’re lethal!).

Sadly the bridge of sighs had scaffolding on it but other than that it was really beautiful to explore the backs (that’s what they call the part of the river that goes past all the backs of the famous colleges).

I also enjoyed our little duck companions that followed us the entire trip.

After the punting we had a bit of a wander around Cambridge. I quickly located the Fudge Kitchen. Mmmm Fudge.

And we made some fudge buddies too.

We had a look around Kings College and the Chapel.

It was nice but… I find a lot of churches quite samey. I think we’re spoilt with so many beautiful churches in England that I’ve become a bit immune to their loveliness.

However I did enjoy a small exhibition on miracles, this was my favourite miracle.

I personally think they might have been scraping the bottom of the barrel and bit with the prune miracle but whatever… well done Agnes. After our travels we went to our hotel which was very nice and recharged for a bit before heading out to Zizzis for dinner. Now I know you shouldn’t go to chains when you’re somewhere new but it was right by our hotel so we got lazy but we also got cocktails!

Just look at this monster pizza I got!


 The next day we went on a touristy bus trip thing which was very nice and informative.

And we had a quick browse round the Sedgwick Museum which was free (bonus!).

Then we browsed the shops and stopped at Chocolat Chocolat to get some rations to take home (they’re already gone, they were tasty).

A quick bite to eat and we were gone, back to Great Yarmouth.


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