Endings and Beginnings

Kim and I are settling nicely into Yarmouth. It’s so nice being near the beach and out of the busy city. And there’s so many shops about I think I’m actually closer to everything than I was when I lived in Norwich city.

Kimberly’s been unpacking and Barclay’s enjoying a new den.

And I’m all finished at UEA now which to be honest I’m really glad about. I didn’t enjoy being a student, I much prefer working and I start my new job soon. I went to the sewing room to get all measured up for my new uniform today – what a treat, sewing rooms are from the days of nurses in hats and capes and are few and far between. At my last job you just got asked what size you were, got given a size that was as near to as possible and you had to get on with it! I got chivvied along by a seamstress to behind a curtain where she judged which dress fitted me and my “bosoms” (her word, not mine!) best, she turned it up for me, offered to fit me a popper to the top and even got me a nice belt – lush! In the mean time I’m off work until the weekend (gotta fit that last bank shift in as I’m destitute!) and then it’s induction week.

Not long now…


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