Hello Fresh

   Have you seen those adverts on Facebook for Hello Fresh? I had and I wanted to try them out but they were a little too pricey for poor old me so when I saw a Groupon offer for them I thought I would give them a go, especially now Kimberly is around to help out. You go to their website and pick what sort of box you want, we’re both a bit fussy with meat so we chose a vegetarian box and it came in the post Thursday.

And when you open it up there’s some glossy things to read and a little magazine that I chucked because… well I don’t care what they’ve been up to at staff HQ, I want my food damnit.

We got our recipe cards included which are handy and you can reuse (at least you can if your girlfriend Kim doesn’t spill food all over them) and they come in a nice little wallet for you to store them in.

All the food is also in the box of course and they have a clever way of storing the refrigerated goods in a sort of cool pack wrap that’s biodegradable.

The first recipe we made was a courgette pasta dish (or courgetay as Kim pronounces it to my endless amusement – apparently it’s called zucchini in America) and it turned out really tasty.

The second dish was a kind of greek salad and pitta bread which was tasty but so filling, we had loads left over afterwards.

The last dish was an aubergine curry (or obbergine according to Kim, apparently this is called egg plant back home) and we both agreed this was the best one. Again the portion sizes were huge so we saved a portion each for lunch tomorrow.

All in all we both really liked Hello Fresh, it was nice to try new dishes and make stuff together, none of the meals were too difficult or took too long to make and it was nice to have everything supplied for you ready to go. If it was cheaper I would definitely order boxes regularly but as it is, I think just for treats… and for next week cuz I forgot to cancel the subscription – doh!

If anyone wants to try a box for free then contact me – I have 4 free boxes to give away?


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