Collecting Kimberly

Well… what a disaster, from start to finish. I went to collect my girlfriend Kim from Heathrow at the beginning of the week. This involved getting up super super early to travel. Look at how the coffee lady spelt my name… seriously. I should have known this was an omen for things to come.   Goldie and I got stuck in traffic on the M25 for ages.

Then I finally got to Heathrow, Kim’s plane landed and I waited… no Kim. I waited some more… no Kim. She’d only gone and gotten held up in border control! I got an announcement on the loudspeaker to go to a special red phone in the airport and verify that I knew her… sigh! Then we had to go pick up Kimberly’s cat Bunny at the animal centre we couldn’t find and when we got there that took hours, sigh! Here she is in cat prison.

Finally we got on the road on the way home about 45 minutes away and little Goldie started to drive funny… I pulled over and the ABS light lit up. One recovery later with many suitcases and cat in tow we finally got home (£450 to fix poor Goldie, who is a car by the way, not sure I made that clear!). Phew. The kitties hated each other first and there was much hissing and growling but with a little time and a LOT of cat drugs they’re starting to warm up and we’re starting to settle into our home.


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