Preparation Day!

The day is almost upon us that Kimberly moves in!! Ahhhh there’s so much to do! I mean I’m pretty prepared, I got her new PJs and toiletries so she can crash after her flight and I even got some wine and stocked the fridge so I don’t have to do what I usually do and go shopping after discovering the fridge is bare (much like Mrs Hubbard). Just look at this key I got Kim, isn’t it so funny? I think the locksmith guy thought I was a bit mental.

All week since moving day I’ve been getting furniture into our new house in Great Yarmouth, the latest thing is the fridge freezer. The worst thing was the sofas (one took a bite out of a wall which is now inexpertly filled with poly filler… oops).

But I’ve been on placement full time at the hospital so it’s been a bit mad trying to fit everything in. Now I gotta clean clean clean in an attempt to convince Kimberly that I am not disgustingly untidy (Ha, I am). I even got my car cleaned outside AND in (the luxury!). Barclay’s just chilling out watching me vacuum, smug little animal.

   Little does he know that it is the last day of his single cat-hood because Kimberly’s bringing her cat Bunny. So then I’ll have two willing participants to dress up*. Ugh gotta drive to Heathrow tomorrow 😦

*Barclay did not consent to this.


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