Norwich Pride

 The other day I was thinking about how I was a bit of a shit lesbian because I’d never been to Pride (or to gay bar) and then I realised it was actually Pride this weekend so I asked my friends Nancy and Sarah to go with me. We got there early to browse through all the stores and we got some rainbow flags.

Then we took our place on the parade route.

And then a sea of rainbows!

It was so bright and a lot of people clearly made a lot of effort with their outfits.

We weren’t really sure what to expect but it was a fun environment.

Some of the people in the parade were from companies, and I know it’s controversial because some people think they shouldn’t use it as a forum for advertising but I personally like the free things and say hurrah for stickers, pens and free half chickens!

  The parade finished outside city hall and the samba band stayed there for a while.

Even the Norwich Lions at City Hall got dressed up.

There were lots of canine supporters too who all seemed really excited to be in the parade.

We all agreed that Norwich needs a dog parade. Cute!


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