Moving To Great Yarmouth

 Today was moving day! I went to pick up the keys from Lowestoft yesterday. It was like visiting the land that time forgot and the lady in the estate agents tried to convince me that the reason she’d spelt my name wrong on the tenancy agreement was because I had misspelt it on my application… errr no.


But I’ve finally moved everything! Yay!


Poor Barclay was very confused as to where all the furniture went. I’m moving him tomorrow night so I hope he likes the new house.


I actually added to all my moving stuff as I picked up this nice hydrangea on the way, I thought it might be nice in the garden or out front.  Thank you Aldi!


The hardest thing to get in was the sofas I got from Gumtree. Oh my goodness. I wrestled this damn thing up the stairs with a very helpful moving man swearing profusely.


I got some drawers from Gumtree too and this old fashioned wicker chair and blanket chest I quite liked the look of. I’m planning on painting them up so hopefully next time I post a photo of them they’ll look a bit nicer and if it doesn’t… well the whole lot with the drawers only cost me £22.


The thing that took the longest was cleaning the kitchen, I hate cleaning. Look how much I used, I sprayed the hell out of the kitchen.


And then I had a little sit down and junk food. Ugh my arms ache and placement tomorrow 😦 I’m gonna be so sleepy!



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