Yay I Won’t Be Homeless!

We finally found a house to rent that ticked all our boxes of close to work, parking, allows pets and isn’t hideous. Hallelujah. It is three bedrooms though… I’m not really sure what we’ll do with the two spare bedrooms, usually I allocate the spare bedroom to be the junk room. I think it’s a bit extravagant to have two junk rooms… perhaps the cats could have a room each? Is that just verging into scary cat lady territory? Oh and, AND because I didn’t want a guarantor (I’m 27 this year! Isn’t that a bit over the top??) and Kim doesn’t have a UK bank account etc to be on the rental agreement  we had to pay three months rent up front (haters) so that was nice and expensive.

I go to get the keys and move in next week and then jobs a good ‘un. Let the moving box scavenger hunt commence. Oh you don’t know the scavenger hunt? Well it consists of me going into various shops near where I live (I’m a lazy scavenger) and begging for boxes whilst the employee fails to look thrilled at having to go out back and find me boxes, they just love it.

In all seriousness though I think I got too many boxes, I really don’t have that much stuff. Once I have the keys my obsessive gumtree scanning will start to populate our house with furniture I can actually afford (Yuck why is all furniture leather at the moment? What is it with leather??) and if that fails I’m totally going 90s and investing in all inflatable furniture. Remember these?  No? I try not to either…

Bargain. So that’s what I’ve been up to, that and placement which is still going good, and work. It’s been busssyyyy.


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