Housing Hell

We’ve been looking for a place to rent lately (being members of generation rent) and it has just been impossible to rent anywhere a) that allows cats b) that has off road parking or c) that isn’t hideous.

Yarmouth and Gorleston have some really very ugly properties… take a look at this gem. In what century was this mad baked bean medallion carpet ever a good idea? I rang to see if the landlord intended on changing it before new tenants came in but apparently no, the carpet is in very good condition the landlord said, and I suppose for an antique it is. Although if we liked we could recarpet the entire property at our expense… aha… no.


Words fail me for this monstrosity.


I’m becoming concerned that we might have to live in my car if we don’t find some place soon. Or I’ll have to start lying about having cats and hiding them for house inspections which I don’t particularly want to do. One landlord said we could rent his house with cats if we replaced all the underlay and carpeting when we left… we declined. Will we ever find anywhere?!?!


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