Look How Shiny

Do you remember the ring I took to the jewellers?

All wonky and dirty?

Well I picked it up today… no longer on the wonk.

And look how clean! So shinnnyyyyyy. And only £20 to get it good as new again.

In other news I’ve reached a new age milestone… It had been about 4 plus years since I last got my eyes tested, so I went a few months ago and it turned out I had a prescription, not a strong one, but just for reading. The optician said I didn’t have to get glasses as I was managing fine without, but I noticed myself squinting at small text when I’m tired. The other day when I was driving and it was dusk I noticed (although when its fully dark it’s ok?) and at work when I was feeling tired I couldn’t read stuff on a screen from a small distance. Ugh!  Reading glasses… like an old person. Very sad. Next it’ll be grey hairs and then what! So I went to an opticians to try on some frames today and came to the conclusion I look terrible in glasses. Anyways I didn’t like any of them and they were all designer and well over £100. I don’t see why I should have to be old and poor in one sitting so I didn’t get any until wandering around Primark afterwards I spotted a section for reading glasses! Huzzah! I tried on every single style they had and then, because the prescription isn’t actually that strong I wasn’t entirely sure if they worked. So I ambled round Primark squinting at handbag labels first with my eyes, second with the glasses on, testing the glasses. I’m quite sure people though I was mad but I settled on this pair of glasses for £2! Now that is more my budget, and I’m not worried about breaking or losing them.

I blame my parents, they both wear reading glasses. For years my mum had these big hideous Deirdre Barlow glasses (google image “Deirdre Barlow 80’s”) and my dad wears tiny spindly Albus Dumbledore glasses which he shares with his horrible wife. But that aside, the rest of my day was nice, Kim and I had a chinese food fest whilst watching Homeland on Netflix.


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