Barking Mad

I completed my latest driving challenge yesterday with a trip out to Barking to see my Great Aunt for lunch, what I didn’t realise was that the big Norwich City game was on at Wembley so it was pretty busy out and there was a sea of yellow  and green when I stopped at the service station (looks a bit like a Where’s Wally book doesn’t it?). For once in my life the line for the men’s toilet was longer than the women’s.  I did however like how all the fans that weren’t going to the game lined up on the bridges over the roads to wave and cheers the fans driving with flags and banners and scarves.

When I got to my Aunt’s I had a nice surprise when my Uncle and my Mum’s Cousin Elaine were coming to dinner so that was lovely because I don’t have a big family and we’re all spread out so we don’t get to see each other often. Also because we had dinner a bit later than I anticipated I drove in the dark for the first time and everything went quite well I think? I start my last placement this week so I’m enjoying a few much appreciated days off before the grind starts of work and placement and in the mean time will be working out to burn a CD to play in my car (it can’t be that hard can it?).


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