Day Off Errands

I had a day off yesterday so I decided to take a trip into the city, I got a Groupon voucher for a pedicure at Le-La Beautique. I love browsing my Groupon App but I haven’t actually bought anything on there before. It was so easy to do. I got gold to match little goldie my car. Please excuse my stubby baby toes.

I have really ticklish feet but luckily the beautician was a pro at not tickling, also this weekend she might be doing Snoop Dogg’s nails (did you know he wore false nails??). I also took a trip to Aleks the Jewellers, they put a new stone in an old ring I had a while back and cleaned it up lovely. I recently acquired 3 rings that were my grandmothers and have been meaning to take them in.

As you can see this one needs a good clean up and a bit of a reshape!


Hopefully when I collect it it’ll look good as new and I can wear it. Today I worked a half day (lushhh) and took goldie to get cleaned, I would do it myself but I don’t have a driveway or a hose so… Just pay someone else, also the nice men at Sainsburys fixed my back windscreen wiper where it had seized up (although it took 3 of them to do it!) how sweet is that? I do love Sainsburys and ours is HUGE. It may cost a little more sometimes but it isn’t a lot more, it’s near my house and I’ve noticed there are a lot less screaming children in the aisles which can only be a good thing.


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