Road Trip To Great Yarmouth

I took the little car out for a spin to Gorleston and Great Yarmouth yesterday (I’m slowly building up to drive to London to visit my Great Aunt!). I had to drop my background check at the hospital.

Then I took a little wander to the beach and had some Earl Grey tea from my flask and watched all the doggies go on their walks.

So that was nice but then I had to stop by the bank so I drove into Yarmouth and I got some fish and chips and had a wander. I had to get scampi though because I’m not grown up enough to eat fish that has the bones or scales on yet… you guys, I don’t want to touch a bone or scales with my mouth?! I don’t get why you do?? That’s just gross.

The seasons just starting out in Yarmouth so the shops were all open but not busy, I do love browsing tat.

Also, just look who I found! Did you know the Norwich Puppet Man moved to Yarmouth?? He was here jamming out. Only at one point his tape machine got stuck and he had to give it a whack.

And this sand sculpture was right outside the bank – genuinely thought it was a dog for a good 2 seconds before I did a double take. I wish I was more artistic, I love looking at stuff like that.


Anyways I made it back home safe after my jolly little jaunt out and Mr Barclay cat was pleased cuz he got some time to play with his birthday present (he was 7 the other day) a little ball that dispenses treats when you bat it around.

What a good little chap.


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