Monument Valley

Every now and then there’s an app that I absolutely fall in love with, and so readers, welcome to Monument Valley.

It’s for the iPhone (although I’m not sure if it’s available on Anderoid) and it was on sale so it cost me 79p.

It’s all about helping a princess through crazy mazes so she can eventually get her crown and she collects crazy jewels on the way and I… didn’t really pay attention to the story line. Look how pretty it is!

And challenging (OK maybe not for you but for me I definitely got stuck a few times!).

Just look at the beautiful mazes would you?

It’s so effing artistic I can’t even handle it.

In no time at all you’ll have played out all the levels and you’ll be wishing for more… which you can find in the expansion pack for more money.

Just get it ok? You’ll love it if you even have half a brain cell, it’s beautifully designed and makes you feel all accomplished when you figure stuff out.


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