Joy’s BBQ & A Walk In The Woods

 Joy had a BBQ last night, by which I mean two mini BBQs, and my sausages would just not cook. They’re bottom left in the photo, they were the first things on and the last things off! Very unjust. Also, in case you’re wondering, the BBQs are set on top of professional barbecuing roof tiles we found in Joy’s garden.

But it was still a fun night with so much food and loads of animals, Joy’s house is like a mini farm. I petted a chicken! And just look at this little guy Harry. He had a good evening of frisbee throwing, sausage eating and petting.

And we played charades… well I suppose more articulate but with no board.

And then we watched some of the election, which Nancy was stressed by because her beloved labour lost (viva the conservatives, w00t!). So that was niiiiice, then today I took the next of my driving missions to take a stroll down Marriott’s Way.

I don’t think I mentioned about my driving missions but I don’t actually need to drive at the moment but I definitely need practice so I’ve been setting myself little missions like getting petrol and going to the supermarket. Today was country roads and using the sat nav. I think it went well, only one person swore at me.


Marriott’s Way is so beautiful, I saw 33 animals out today (yesssss I counted). I walked Lenwade to Whitwell and back which was 5 miles. You guys, Whitwell Station was weird, they’re obviously renovating it…

But when I went inside to investigate slash have an ice cream, the old station cafe bit was full up with retired people dressed like they’d been to Downton Abbey (why do they always want to pretend to be the rich people?? No one ever wants to dress up as the poor people that their relatives most likely were). I decided I wouldn’t stay, also would hate to ruin the ambiance with my polka dot wellies.


So I had a pretty good night/day, and my lovely Great Aunt (my only Aunt left now!) rang to say she was sending a cheque to put towards my car funds so that was really kind of her and made the day extra good. Tomorrow I’m off to London (not to buy a Heat magazine).


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