I Made It Home!

You will all be pleased to know that I made it home with my new little car unscathed. Phew.

Gold Nissan Micra

I do not like driving… it’s stressful… it makes my hands sweat with anxiety…but I’m pleased with my new car. Also I learnt I am not good with directions. I may have lived in Norwich for 12 years but I know how to navigate as a pedestrian, all the no right turns and one way stuff?? I wimped out and bought a satnav. It will be on at all times now for the foreseeable future because I cannot be trusted with directions!

Gold Nissan Micra

So yeah now I’m parked up and I think I’m going to wait until its dark so I can practice parking in an empty car park near by because I do not remember any of that stuff. I don’t feel bad though because the car has a few dints in it, and one duct tape repaired corner, see exhibit C below.

Gold Nissan Micra


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