Dude, Where’s My Car?

Sooo the other day I was doing a bank shift at the hospital and I was talking to another girl that works there, Kelly, about how I was working loads of shifts lately to save up for my non-existent car. And she asked what kind of car I wanted, I said just a little old lady car, something small like a Nissan Micra. And she said well have you seen there’s one advertised on the staff intranet?

Umm… whaaaattttt? I have been trawling through the intranet ads for aaaaages! I have been obsessively checking every shift! Then suddenly it creeps up on me… it’s gotta be fate right? So I call, it’s still available… and it’s way cheaper than the ones advertised by dealers…

I cajoled my lovely friend Sarah into coming to look at it with me as I know eff all about cars and assume my father is off hunting for his 5th wife (it’s only a matter of time, trust) and so will be unlikely to be around to carry out his fatherly duty of car buying. And bonus – Sarah brings along her dear boyfriend Matt and they were both very helpful in snooping round the car. Have you ever seen that hashtag #firstworldproblems? I have #lesbianproblems when car buying and have to borrow a man. Now I’m not saying there aren’t lesbians who are car buffs, but I am not one of them. You guys, it’s gold. A gold car… like a pimp.

So, long story short, I’ve bought it and I pick it up tomorrow afternoon… Eeeeeee, exciting. I just spent ages making sure it’s taxed and insured (which cost more than the actual car… depressing) and got breakdown cover and all that excitement. Only now I have to drive it home alone, I haven’t driven since I passed my test 2 years ago. Sarah did offer to come but think it’d probably be worse as I would be nervous having someone watch me. If I die please make sure someone feeds my cat, also I want to be cremated not buried.


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