Easter Time

 It’s the Easter Holidays from Uni, Yay! And I have been working hard not to eat this.

But Barclay got his gift of a box to play in early.

I haven’t done anything exciting during the holidays so far, just tried to work when I can to continue saving up for my non-existent car. Oh the joy of working. I’ve also had an annoying cold that’s left me really stuffed up and gross. I went to Aldi today which is near where I live and they were all out of lemsip and cold and flu capsules – so I guess everyone else has a cold too! They did, however, have tasty hot cross buns. Thank you Jesus.

You know I’ve grown to love Aldi. When I first moved I wasn’t convinced but I just love to browse their tat aisle, you know the middle one full of odd assortments? Pillows, garden hoses, plants, baking sets, books. All kinds of stuff. I do love tat browsing. Anyway, time for more coughing up my lungs!


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