Off To Tenerife

I was off again after just getting back from the USA. The boyfriend and I went to Tenerife with his mum and her partner.
We stayed in a two bedroom apartment which was pretty big and had a wrap around balcony which was nice to relax on.
And the apartment was in a hotel complex on the more arid and volcanic side of the island.
The beach was really rocky but the pool was lovely and warm so we stayed at the complex a lot of time. There weren’t loads of shops in a walkable distance but the hotel complex had a little supermarket so I could buy my obligatory inflatable rubber ring for the pool.
Every time I go on a hot holiday I buy an inflatable something and then my good deed at the end of the holiday is to give it away to other people to use.
I think normally the entertainment at hotels in foreign countries is usually a little… dodgy? Cringy? But I didn’t think it was so bad, most of the acts had been booked in from outside the hotel.
Also I trounced the old people twice in contests and won a bottle of wine and a cocktail. Hurrah!

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