My Bike

Recently after my lovely walk the other day I got thinking how nice it’d be to have a bike again and I could go on little bike ride trips etc. I loved my bike in Center Parcs and I saw this one for sale on gumtree and it looked exactly like it! Or you know… a bit like it. (Please ignore my uncut lawn guys, I’ll cut it one day, I promise, for realz…).
And so I rode it home, and that was nice. Went out for my first official proper bike ride today with the boyfriend…. I hated it. Suddenly all those memories of all exercise I’ve ever done comes flooding back; I am 14 again and my Dad and Step-Mum have tricked me into asking for a bike for my birthday (you know, so we can all go out on bike rides… which happened never!!) then afterwards revealed I would be cycling the 3 miles up a hill to school now cuz they won’t drive me anymore.
Ahem. Anyway yeah so that sucked. I decided I will instate a new rule, no cycling on roads, cycle paths only, then I can pretend it’s like Center Parcs, not like bloody cycling to horrible high school every day and then back again to horrible home. Waahh.

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