The Boyfriend’s Birthday

On Sunday it was the boyfriend’s birthday, he’s only ever have had one birthday party in his life and it was at McDonalds – the truth is he just doesn’t want one! So this year instead of asking if he’d like one I decided he would be getting one whether he wanted it or not and invited just a few of our friends round that live nearby.
I decided as the boyfriend had never had a traditional kids style birthday party I’d get balloons, party bags, games to play and a badly home made cake. These are the boys party bags…
And the girls…
Barclay the cat absolutely loved the rubber bouncy balls and he and I had a great time playing with those for sometime. He didn’t however like the balloons which I filled the lounge with in the morning, I put banners up yet the boyfriend was none the wiser until later when his friends arrived.
And out came the party food and pizza and then the cake.
There were games and medals, three legged race, balloon race… here’s the victor of the mummy game.
Birthday parties forever!!

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