Walking Down Embankment

On our trip to the Old Operating Theatre the other day, me and my student nurse friends took a lovely (if not slightly long!) walk along Embankment and saw the sights.
As well as getting rained on a fair bit…
I hadn’t seen the shard since it’s been completed (although have to say it doesn’t seem all that exciting on closer inspection?).
Came across a lovely food market called Borough Market which was really nice to look round.

Except we’d all just eaten so… not strategically planned.

See the banks of the Thames at the bottom? We saw tons of people having a good old nose about them, perhaps searching for treasure?
And the Globe which I should really go and look round some time.

Cleopatra’s Needle, seems the Italian’s aren’t the only ones that nick Obelisks!

And of course the London Eye, doesn’t it move so slowly?

My favourite London landmark, Big Ben.

And the houses of parliament which again, I really would like to visit.

And then we took a little trip to have a look round Camden Market.

Which I wasn’t so impressed with although they did have a lot of tacky souvenirs which I enjoyed.
And erm… lovely his and hers outfits?

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