Nursing Traditions

Nursing is an old profession, and naturally there are a lot of nursing traditions but healthcare is moving strongly towards evidence based practice and so these traditions sometimes phase out.
Some traditions you enjoy doing, like always making a bed with the opening of the pillow case facing away from the door because that’s how Florence Nightingale did it in the Crimean War when they had to nurse soldiers in tents; facing the pillows away from the door meant that they didn’t get filled with sand blowing through the tent.
Some traditions you feel very glad they no longer allow, such as taste testing urine (ick) – we have urine dip sticks now thank goodness.
I am looking forward to one tradition though in particular, when a nurse graduates, it is tradition for her family to buy her a silver belt buckle. Usually these are antique Victorian buckles (some from the 1800s) but of course you can buy new buckles styled as an antique for less.

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