The Colosseum

Well chums I was looking forward to the Colosseum and we set off to it full of promise, headed to the front of the queue with our online tickets.
We got inside and…. well I won’t lie, I was bored. We got an audio tour thinking a bit of bloody thirsty history about gladiators etc might liven things up but no… no.
The main arena floor was stripped back and you could see the all the parts where they stored animals and gladiators and stuff before they fought and controlled trap doors and all that jazz.
The Colosseum is named after a huge statue of Colossus, this looks small below but it was like the size of a sofa.
My highlight of our trip to the Colosseum was a skinny look alike of my cat, awww.
To read more about my holiday click the August tab on the right hand side and see my posts or click the “Rome” tag below.

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