Out And About In Rome

Walking round Rome all day on the cobbles and marble can be hard on the feet and so we got a metro ticket for the week for the bargain price of 24 euros and it stops off close to all the major attractions in the city and is shaped in an X.
Graffiti is all over Rome and some how… all over the trains too? Unfortunately most of it is just scribbles and not very good, they could use a little Banksy if you ask me.
But the trains come very regularly, we never waited more than five minutes – beware though, they can get crowded!
We saw a lot of police and guards about Rome and in the airport, unfortunately none of them were really up to much and seemed much more concerned with playing on their phones and smoking; however I did very much enjoy this little police car I found – how sweet!
Round the city you’ll find water fountains everywhere but specifically drinking fountains that pump safe clean water out for free. This is so handy because the days are really hot.
Also around Rome the SPQR is found everywhere, on people’s tattoos (think gladiator), signs, tourist souvenirs, even drain covers. It means Senātus Populusque Rōmānus or in English – The Senate and People of Rome.
To read more about my holiday click the August tab on the right hand side and see my posts or click the “Rome” tag below.

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