Catch Up

Well chums, I’ve been having a pleasant week (last week that was, this one’s just began). Got another assignment back, my essay, which I’ve passed so I’m really pleased about that, also passed my placement with a high mark so phew – just the portfolio to tweak.

Spring has finally sprung and I enjoyed a doggy viewing, Henry and his lovely lady have just got a new addition to the family (what a cutie!!) so me and my friend, also called Hayley, went round for a doggy viewing/pizza eating/kerplunk and cleudo playing night which was very fun.

Have been working 24 hours a week along side my studies this module as the timetable allows me to fit this in and had a really great shift Saturday and then Sunday the boyfriend and I took a trip to a car boot that I had never been to before we went grocery shopping. Well it was packed!! It was a little bit like a strange museum of the 80s and 90s, well worth a look round. The only things I bought though was a springy butterfly to go in the garden for the cat to play with, and food…. also for the cat. He is a spoilt little boy.

Then after that I went to M&S for a new top and met my lovely chum Kiran for coffee and a chat. The boyfriend ordered me a book (all those who know him will gasp as he is not a reader!) as a surprise but when it got delivered I realised it was to make fun of me! But I shall most definitely be reading it and the joke will be on you all when you see my kick ass shelter building, fire starting and zombie maiming… ok maybe not the last one.


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