Precious Things

When I was younger, through a series of mishaps actually, my parents got me a diamond necklace. It was always kept in a safe place and never looked at or worn, just for special occasions I was told.
When I moved out my mum gave me the necklace and I too kept it in a safe place… far too safe! I couldn’t find it again, I was so annoyed with myself for losing it, not just because it was a gift from my parents but because I had always been saving it for a special occasion so in fact I’d never actually worn it!
I turned my flat upside down but I couldn’t find it anywhere. The most expensive piece of jewellery I own and I’d never worn it and then lost it. It wasn’t until I moved into the boyfriend and mine’s first house we rented that I actually found it… in the safe place I had left it (duh). From then on I wear it every now and then whenever I fancy and never again will I keep precious things for a special occasion, I’m just going to enjoy them when I want. Not at work though, against uniform policy!

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