Is That A Hair Piece?

“What?” I’d said, amused.
“Your bun, is it a stick on hair piece?” asked the other healthcare assistant
“Err… no…no, just my hair” I said
“Ohh. You’ve got one of those doughnut thingies, haven’t you” she said eyeing my head suspiciously
Well readers, not quite. You see at hospital you must have you hair off your collar, which means cut short or up, no trailing your hair through patient’s bodily fluids and what not! If I put my hair up in a bun it either falls out or just generally looks a bit messy and those bun doughnuts look like a lot of effort with hair pins and so I buy these from ebay – click here
They’re so easy, you just twist your hair up in them and they look far better than I could ever do with just a hairband for under a few quid. Sorted.
And rest assured I will never, ever be pinning fake hair into my own, eurgh!

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