Easy Apple Pudding

I had extra apples the other day so I was googling recipes to use them up until I found that my mum had put a lovely apple pudding recipe in a recipe tin she gave me although – I don’t remember her ever making me this!
I cracked 3 eggs.
I added my sifted sugar and flour
Gave it a good whisk with a fork
I got my apples
Gave them a chop and lined the bottom of my tin (although I have a smaller tin than I needed so I used less sugar and flour). I only needed about 2 and a half so I ate the other half left over to destroy the evidence and taste test – very important.
Then I covered my chopped apples with the batter
Cooked it for 30 mins, checked and then left it in for another 10 mins
Then my apple pud was done
Tasty tasty!

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