Delia’s Restaurant

A few of us went to Delia’s restaurant Friday night, it was so nice there. They had two jazz guitar people playing, the restaurant was fairly quiet because it wasn’t a match day so that was nice.
We sat down and got some table snacks – I adore sweet potato crisps!
Then we all picked out some bread, I had tasty olive bread.
This was my starter Thai fish cakes
Max had a manly chalice of soup!
Then for my main I had Thai green curry which was really nice, I hadn’t tried it before
Then I had lemon cheesecake and completely forgot to take a photo of it (my friends and the boyfriend are used to be being weird and taking photos of food) and so here’s a photo of Kiran’s creme caramel
After our meal with had tea/coffee and these mini choc ices, inside was Ronaldo’s ice cream (remember Ronaldo’s?)
It was really nice there and I’d definitely go again, if any of you fancy a visit all the details and the weekly menu is here

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