2nd Wedding of 2012

Well the boyfriend and I had a very enjoyable Friday as we went to my cousin’s wedding. It was a really lovely ceremony and it was held at Richmond Park.
The wedding had a travel theme and each table was themed for places the bride and groom have travelled (and they’ve very well travelled!).
My family and I were on the Brazil table.
Our name cards were little paper aeroplanes made out of maps.
We had lots of fun throwing the paper aeroplanes at each other after dinner until my youngest cousin (I say young, 30) chucked one at my great aunt’s hair ha ha.
Dinner was really nice, the fishcake starter was really really tasty and flavourful. Throughout dinner we had all noticed a shot glass by our dinner settings and we all wondered what they could be for… then the mystery was solved in the groom’s speech!
On the groom’s travels he had bought a bottle of local alcohol in each country he had been to, resulting in a very large booze collection which he had decided, as a married man, he really ought not to have. And so each country (table) got a bottle to try a shot of, our table got some very strong and very horrible rum, we did swap with other tables to try them all. The best one was a lovely creamy liqueur like a fruity Bailey’s. I think North Korea table may have got a raw deal as they had a tiny bottle to share (to have a bigger bottle of booze in North Korea is to be declared a capitalist!).
These are the wedding cakes
As the night went on the main cakes had little babies.
And that sums up the last wedding of the year the boyfriend and I will go to, a very nice day was had by all.

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