The Heist

I tried out a new app called The Heist on my iPhone.
It’s a puzzle game but it’s actually really good. You open to a vault and then I was very confused as my phone seemed to be ringing?
But it was just the game, Sophia is your contact to the gang that wants you to open the safe.
Your vault then has four locks (in red) and four different types of puzzle on the tool bar below.
The first type is a block puzzle that gets more difficult
The next is a symbol puzzle
The rules are the same as sudoku but no numbers
The third is a cube and is a little robot game
You have to push the little cubes over a square to make them light up but you cant pull them
Then the last game is a slide puzzle where you need to connect wires
They start off very easy
But the difficult ones are really difficult!
Anyway, it’s a really good game with variety and at the moment it’s free so go take a look

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