Last night I tried my hand at Mecca bingo with the boyfriend’s mum and sister… I wasn’t expecting much but I was very pleasantly surprised – it was AWESOME
Was it old biddified? A little bit, but it was so strange! Like a different world. You got in and I was new so I joined up but its free to join so that was ok and I got a free marker to tick off my bingo numbers (score!) and you got a little book that lasts you all night for each game. We had a little time between when we got there and the first game so we got some food. It is super cheap and super nice food.
My tuna melt baguette with chips cost me the princely sum of £2.79 however when you join you get a £2 voucher off your first meal and so twas only 79p! Get in! Then it was time to get our game awwnnn.
As I said you get these little books and work through them for each page (see above, one page) you need to get one line, then the next game is two lines, then the next is a full house, then you turn over to the next page. Sadly I won zilch but it was very funny. Some of the old biddies had upped their game by scrapping their bingo books and markers for lcd touch screen bingo machines! And the machine tells you when you win! Must take all the fun out of it.
It was quite amusing how seriously everyone takes it though, when a game starts everyone has to be quiet and the numbers are called pretty fast and then as soon as the breaks in between come you can talk again. The boyfriend’s sister said that once someone collapsed and they just carried on with the bingo game haha!
Apparently the air conditioning wasn’t working (although it didn’t seem hot to me) so the manager gave a free ice lolly to everyone (yayz) and then, in the bathroom they had helpful pamphlets about gambling addictions and so a jovial night was had by all.
Am I going again? Hell yeah!

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