Fashion Hater

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m a fashion hater.

I don’t buy any magazines with hot fashion tips, I’d much rather shop easily online and (within reason) I prefer comfort over looks. Every time I go into shops they have horde of  fashionable-for-five minutes items that I just can’t bring myself to buy (unless it’s in Primark in which case, all bets are off). Imagine my surprise when I actually successfully bought some items this last weekend that have been delivered today……. OK OK they were online, I TRIED going into the shops on the high street but it was very traumatic.

Hurrah for patterns and also, one of the tops the boyfriend bought me because he was too lazy to do the washing up so we had an exchange! Score for me!
Also lastly, a big thumbs down for Next, I tried on like 3 t shirts, just regular t shirts and the material was such poor quality you could see through it!! Viva Marks & Spencer!

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