I had to cover reception the other day at work which I don’t normally do, and I decided to flick through the paper which I don’t normally do and then for some reason I decided to read through the obituaries which I never do but low and behold…
… I saw my great uncle had died. I had only met him a few times and didn’t know him too well but how odd that I should happen to read the obituaries on that day.
Makes you wonder if anything happens by co-incidence doesn’t it?

One thought on “Weeeiiirdddd

  1. on this subject, an old man once said to me (years ago) in a similar scenario “it's all part of lifes rich tapestry”. I liked that phrase and stored it in my brain for a rainy day, I choose this here rainy day to pull it out from undeer my hat! I think stuff like that is fate and that our dead loved ones are watching down on us big brother stylee popping little clues here and there and watching us anxiously like we're the tv to see what we do next! Sometimes I feel like I live on a film set because sometimes stuff is too conveniently placed in the right slot for a funny caper – I'm either right or mental one of the two! xx Crissy


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